We can’t believe we’re writing about lawns. In our own gender-biased way, we’ve consigned the notion of a perfect green to big men chasing little balls or anal men whacking weeds in a quest for control over something.  But our ears perked up when we heard a story on our local public radio station (Go PBS!) about Pearl’s Premium, a new grass seed mix invented by someone in our own backyard.

Who wouldn’t want a lawn you mow once a month? Water once a month–if at all? Grass that grows without chemicals? How about a lawn free of gmo seeds? Turf less likely to get grubs and should outcompete the weeds?  Since we’re all about saving money and being eco-friendly we got really excited.  Actually, we got so excited we forgot for a moment we were thinking about the grass and not shoes with red soles.

The story is that Jackson Madnick, Pearl’s inventor, spent years testing seeds and came up with a naturalized mix that root 12” into the soil. We aren’t ‘lawn-experts’ and can’t say that this is the only seed mix of it’s kind, or that it’s the perfect solution for every climate zone or usage need, but we’re going to give it a try.

Actually to be honest, we’re sending you-know-who out to give it a try!