What exactly is a splurge?

It’s all relative. As we discussed in Einstein, Mascara and Chicken Wings, it all depends on the state of your particular checkbook or the state of your emotional deprivation, a splurge is a very personal matter. For example, if you’re absolutely drooling over a hot, new  $700+ Vince leather jacket then a $24  blinc: Kiss Me Mascara is looking like a real bargain. But if you compare that price to what a perfectly good, $7.49 Maybelline Falsies mascara costs, then it’s a huge splurge.

blinc tube mascara!

blinc: Kiss Me Mascara

maybelline falsies!

Maybelline Falsies

Whether it’s mascara or leather, we save to splurge. We’ll occasionally wear our ‘Falsies’ (that doesn’t sound right) to get to be kissed by our real favorite ‘blinc’.

We’ll save up for our leather jacket and wait it out through the season, watching and waiting to pounce at the first markdown. (After all, we know those gorgeous butter soft leather numbers aren’t going to be hanging around for the second markdown cycle.)