We’re totally fickle bitches when it comes to our nail polish.

Maybe it’s because when it comes to a committed relationship nothing really sticks. As soon as the salon door closes behind us we nick an edge or smear a corner. It doesn’t matter if we sit for twenty minutes or an hour, apply high or low price polish, have a great or poor manicurist–we’re  a walking nail disaster. So, when it comes to a color or brand commitment, we feel totally justified in playing the field. That may all change now.

We are mad, crazy, wild for the color palette and products at  butter LONDON nail lacquers. Fash Pack, The Artful Dodger, MacBeth– all their fab colors have us weeping with joy. Better yet, as they say,  they’re committed to products made “without those chemical nasties… No Formaldehyde, No toluene, and No DBP (Phthales). Ever.”

Nothing has ever been nailed down in our polish–but now we’re madly in love and it’s transformative. Those once annoying little chips are now just an excuse for a color change.