We were just in San Fran and spent a morning in the Hayes Valley making our ritual pilgrimage to our favorite shops: Lotus Bleu, Blue Bottle Coffee (read about them in our book), and Nancy Boy.

We stumbled on Nancy Boy years ago. The scent lured us in from a block away. NO, not a cloying, putrid, chemical odor, but a fresh, spa-like, eucalyptus-y-green-all-natural kind of fragrance. Once inside we found great soaps, lotions, and home scents (their primary business), but the biggest excitement was their tasteful collection of ceramics and furniture. We’re total suckers for good mid-century modern.  So on each visit, in addition to restocking their ‘signature scent’ products, we buy a new ceramic piece (a girl’s entitled to an occasional splurge).


We’ve been thinking about holiday presents, and wrote to Eric Roos to ask him more about Nancy Boy and what he’d recommend in the $25 and under category for holiday gifts (sent directly to anyone on your list). Here’s the deal:

“Our products are made with natural essential oils, so we don’t use any artificial fragrances or colors. Almost all our products are made in Berkeley at a family-owned lab that’s been in business for over seventy years. An exception is our soap, which is made in Vermont.  ”

” There are a few great holiday gifts for approximately $20, including the Best Bang For The Buck #1 ($23, or $19.55 with Club discount) or Best Bang For The Buck #2 ($24 or $20.40). Orders can be placed as late as  Monday, December 16 and shipped via FedEx Ground ($8) for Christmas arrival anywhere in the US.  2-Day and Overnight shipping options are also available.”

Eric also filled us in on a little secret: ” Our most expensive product is the Ultramarine Night Cream, at $50, but it’s a bargain considering it has exactly the same ingredients contained in Estee Lauder’s $450 Re-Nutriv night cream. ”

And, just by signing up for Club Nancy Boy you’ll receive 15% off every purchase. They won’t sell your name to the nasties,  and only send one email update a month. Purchases over $75 ship free.

Thank you, Eric.

For us, the best part of signing up to be a Nancy Boy customer, though, is you get on Eric Roos email list. Huh?  You’re supposed to be happy to be on someone trying to sell you something’s email list? You betcha.We dare you to find a funnier, edgier product pitch than Eric’s monthly email. Go ahead. Sign up. It won’t cost you a penny.