All of us are looking for ways to make the world a better place. But how? You hear a lot about social good. Doing good. Social media doing good. And, it’s an abstract idea. Or you went on Jumo (the social network for doing good founded by the co-founder of Facebook) and you can’t figure out how it really impacts your life.


We have an idea.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a community organizing type?  Yeah. We know you’re not really interested in putting up placards, riling up passions, or running for President.

A fan wrote in today to tell us how in her neighborhood they have an online community board that connects neighbors in need.  It got us to thinking. Everyone we know is on Facebook. (It’s true, even our 88 year old aunt is a stalker.) What if you were to get together a few neighbors and set up a neighborhood group or page and called it,  “The 800 Block on Orange Street in Jackson Township”.  Let your neighbors know that it exists (just tell the biggest busy body on the street — we’re sure the word will spread).

Then when the next big storm hits, or power fails, or heat wave strikes, those in need can post and those who are available can help.

Charity begins at home.