We have a confession to make.

We scoffed at peanut butter and jelly when we were kids. While, on occasion, we could be coerced into a Fluffernutter on white bread (we feel nauseated thinking about it now), the thick gooey peanut butter sticking to the roof of our mouth made us feel like we were gagging. (On reflection, maybe it had something to do with the peanut-fluff-white-bread-glue-mix.)

So it’s kind of twisted that as adults we’re totally crazy about peanut butter. (Although, we never liked hot dogs as a kid and they still gross us out. Ugh, think about what you’re eating and feeding your kids people.)

Anyway, now that we’ve got the peanut butter bug we’ve been searching for the best tasting brand -at the best price. We’ve bought the big guys: Skippy, Jif, Teddies, Reeses. We’ve tried small scale organic brands. We’ve ground shelled peanuts in the machines at Whole Foods and tried making our own. (A tip: Just don’t. Shelling all those peanuts sucks!)

But, leave it to good old Joe to give a gal good, goods. Yup, for our money Trader Joe’s has the best peanut butter in the world. Organic. Smooth or Crunchy. Great price.