OK, that sounds way dirtier than we intended… that’s wrong even to our ears.

What we mean is this: it’s Wednesday, that day of the week you might need your spirit perked up, and you’re a dog lover. And you’ve got the most stylish/adorable/talented/heroic dog in the world.

We want you to prove it.

Tell us your most amazing dog story. Got a dog who could perform an incredible trick? Who saved you from a fire? Found novel ways to communicate? Helped balance the checkbook? Or just does something really really, really cute? (Don’t they all?)

Write to us about your favorite bitches to win a copy of The Bitches. Post in Drop-a-Dime box or email us at info@bitchesonadbudget.com  by May 15th.

And be sure to read Chapter 10, “Pamper The Bitch,” in Bitches on a Budget. Tell us what you think of our doggie ideas!

*Oh, and make sure you send us your kitty stories.  Of course we love little puss.

This is our second pet contest and we’ve received the most to-die-for cute pet pix. So don’t forget to send yours in –even send us your video!