The Daily Joe.

We’re addicted. Totally and completely. We cannot start a morning without our cup of coffee or we are, dare we say it? bitchy.  Yes. It’s true.  Steer clear. We vacillate between snarling and silent. Absolutely nothing is right unless we have our brew.  There is no peace (for anyone) until we’ve drunk that single perfect cup we make each morning.

Those of you who’ve read our book have figured out we’re pretty particular, ahem, (like unbelievably picky ) about what we eat and drink. No, not in that ‘is it good for you’  annoying way that people who are crazy calorie counters euphemistically look at food. No. Not us. More in the ‘is it delicious and yummy’ kind of picky, perfect way. And there is nothing we are more particular about than our morning cup of joe.

A single cup of great coffee is a total luxury and is one of those little treats that make life worth living. And, more to the point, a single cup of great coffee is an affordable luxury.

Making great coffee is a matter of both method and material.

This morning we’re going to share our favorite method. We’ll save for another day our tutorial on coffee beans.

In our book we recommend a French Press for ease of use for gals in a mad morning rush, but for our daily cup, where we linger and write, a single cup Melitta cone with a filter is our preference. The best bitch on a budget solution of all — costing as little as $5.99. This is a simple method requiring only freshly ground beans (it’s possible to use pre-ground beans, but they are never as good) water heated to just the boiling point and patience to slowly pour the water through allowing it to drip into the cup below.  Ah!  The perfect method for a perfect cup.


(We’re equally passionate about our afternoon tea! We’ll share those tips, too)