We hate to seem bitchy and unsentimental but, except for the pink bubbly, we don’t like New Year’s Eve.

To begin with, the whole resolution thing is more like a guilt-tripping-shame-festival than a positive self-esteem builder. Think about it, people looking to fix what they most hate about themselves by resolving to:

1. Lose weight

2. Quit smoking

3. Stop drinking

4. Be a nicer person

5. Spend less

Like at the stroke of midnight with a little magical thinking and a carefully crafted line item list of corrections they’re going to morph into a Shape cover girl or Mother Teresa, right?

And, who doesn’t dread the focused pressure to ‘celebrate’ New Year’s which inevitably leaves you feeling alienated and/or puts you into a position of spending more money than you bargained for (breaking resolution #5 before you begin)? How many times have you done the following?

A) Rather than feel like a loser with no ‘fun’ plans you’ve been the one to organize and hold a party.

B) Or, you head out to a restaurant with a ‘special’ menu and jacked up pricing that keeps you captive for longer than you want.

C) Or, you head out to a restaurant with a ‘special’ menu and jacked up pricing that throws you out on a schedule so they can squeeze in another seating of suckers.

4) Or, you take your life into your hands by driving home after midnight from a party you really didn’t want to attend. (Most people don’t follow through on resolution #3 .)

Our solution?

You can’t expect to find salvation at the stroke of midnight.  Instead of making a list full of punishing deprivations, think about integrating the following into your life:

Have fun outside playing (exercise); eat great food (fresh local lovingly prepared mostly fruits and veggies); sample and compare great vintages (wine); hang with neighbors or relatives for a game of Scrabble or pet felines at the local shelter (do-gooders enjoy themselves); buy things that bring you joy (spend only on things you truly need or really love).

(Why a ‘low’ versus ‘no’ resolution New Year? The quit smoking thing–put it on the list.)