One of the simplest messages in our book is this: PLAY. True pleasure doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Yes, skiing Aspen is fun, and we won’t deny Cabo sounds heavenly. But sledding down the local hills, collapsing in front of a fireplace with hot chocolate, later maybe playing a little Pictionary with friends (see our book for ways to spice up board games—strip Monopoly anyone?)… well, with the right attitude this sort of day can be way more rewarding than a fancy trip to an exclusive locale.

Real joy is cheap, often free, and requires simply a willingness to think like a kid, to open up, to gather together the people you like best and be goofy.

With that in mind, here’s today’s link, a how-to video about snow angels to remind you of the pleasures of regression. Go back in time, bitches. Embrace the wonder of childhood.

Too goody-goody for you? Feel too tame? No worries—here’s a more devilish video for bitches who prefer other kinds of free pleasures.