In celebration of Hanukkah we’re sharing our simple, yummy and budget friendly Potato Latke recipe.

Hanukkah Potato Latkes from Bitches on a Budget

-2-3 cups peeled potatoes

-3 tablespoon grated onion

-3 eggs, beaten

-2 tablespoons  flour

-1/2 cup safflower oil

-2 – 3 tsp salt (or to taste)

Grate the potatoes. While you can use the attachment on a food processor, there is something about hand grated potatoes – maybe the blood, sweat and tears– that always seems better.

Place the grated potatoes in paper towels inside a strainer and press down to squeeze out as much of the moisture as possible. We find we go through several batches of paper towels; you can also use cheesecloth.

Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl.

We use an electric fry pan and heat the oil to 375. If you don’t own one (who would?) use a deep skillet and on medium/high heat the oil. With a big kitchen spoon individually drop the latkes into the hot oil. Flatten the pancakes to about 1/2 inch thickness. Brown on both sides. Like all pancakes, you’ll need to cook these in batches and watch the heat on the oil.

Drain on paper towels.

    While these are best served hot, we’ll put them into a 200 hundred  oven to keep warm if we’re making them for a big crowd.

    Serve with applesauce, greek style plain yogurt or sour cream.