After spending the last few weeks doing the things we love best: cooking with friends, eating, bicycling, going to the beach, reading, learning to square dance (don’t get all nervous, we’re still our normal, not overly perky selves–but stepping out every now and then is a hoot) we were reminded of our own sage advice. ¬†Living a rich life is not expensive.

From the book Bitches on a Budget:

Free Your Mind Fill Your Wallet:

Purge the lust in your heart for all those meaningless, outsize status pieces you’ve been mindlessly pursuing and thinking indispensable to your happiness. You know the La Cornue stove, the Noguchi Freeform Sofa, the set of original Fornasetti wall plates–they won’t make you happy. Well, not that happy.

Share your prescription for happiness on a budget.