Last week, we found ourselves home alone, hungry and dying for a salad.  We opened the veggie bin and found only two things: celery and radishes. In the fridge was a mustard tarragon vinaigrette made a few days earlier. Hm. We rummaged the cupboard and pulled out homemade whole wheat bread crumbs and a tin of anchovies. We got to work.

Using the mandoline we turned out thin slices of radishes and thicker slices of celery. Several anchovy fillets got mashed into the leftover vinaigrette. In a serving bowl, we layered radishes onto celery and sprinkled on a generous handful of bread crumbs.

The cool crunchy ingredients topped by the slightly thick, warm to the senses, anchovy tarragon vinaigrette was divine. Whenever we create a new dish we ask this question: Is it good enough for the menu in our fantasy restaurant?

This one makes the cut.

Mustard Tarragon Vinaigrette

3 tblsp high quality extra virgin olive oil

1 tblsp aged sherry wine vinegar

1 tbsp minced tarragon

1 tsp dijon mustard

salt and pepper to taste