One thing is clear: someone in power must have got their hands on Bitches on a Budget.

According to the New York Times:

“Buried deep in the health care legislation that President Obama signed on Tuesday is a new requirement that will affect any American who walks into a MacDonald’s, Burger King, or Starbucks. Every big restaurant chain in the nation will now be required to put calorie information on their menus and drive-through signs.”

Hallelujah! Guess we were ahead of the curve. In our book (see page 81), we insisted that every B in American 1) learn how to read a food label, and 2) “demand your local town or city pass a law that requires restaurants to post calorie and nutrition values on menus.”

Not to take full responsibility (we know others who’ve made this demand for transparency), but it goes to show that we B’s are on the forefront of change. (Read The Bitches for other hot ideas.)

Our mission is simple. We want to be healthier, empowered, happier eaters. We want to know what goes in our bodies. Yes, sometimes we’ll indulge, but we want to know exactly what we’re eating, not to be tricked or mislead. An educated consumer is a healthier consumer. We deserve to know that a Big Mac contains 500 calories, that a Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha has 340 calories, that Panera Bread’s Frontega Chicken Hot Panini weighs in at  a whopping 860 calories.

This is good change.

Now we just have to tackle increased maternal mortality, homelessness, literacy and the economy.

We’re on it.