Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we’re back with five of our favorite budget ideas she’s sure to love.

1. Herbs

Whether the mom you’re recognizing for all she does lives in an apartment or on in the country, nothing spices up a meal more than fresh herbs. Arrive with shovel in hand ready to plant them for her in the garden or in a window box. (Make sure your assortment includes lemon verbena so she can brew the best herbal tea ever.)




2. Melitta Coffee Cone and Filter

The single best cup of the day is the first cup. The simplest and best coffee is made using this $2.99 Melitta cone. Period. (So reasonably priced you’ll have enough left to spring for designer coffee beans and a gorgeous new mug!)


3. Hip New Nail Polish and Manicure

Give her a manicure because on Mother’s Day she shouldn’t be lifting a single well polished digit. We’re in love with the rad-hot-new NARS colors for spring.





4. A Massage (Mom is Worth the Splurge)

As every mother knows, there is not a day that goes by without worry about her little (or big) darlings. Today’s your day to take the stress off her shoulders– (you are responsible for it, after all). Spring for a gift certificate for a long relaxing massage.


5. A Book

If the mom (sister, aunt, friend, cousin …whoever you’re Mother’s Day gifting) is a romantic, a cook, a bird watcher, a travel fanatic, a quilter, hiker, sewer, basket weaver? Whatever her passion or interest there is a book that will thrill her. Better yet, give her our latest: Smart Mama Smart Money, the anti-Tiger-anti-French-Mom’s-have-it-all-figured out sane approach to parenting that will relieve her guilt and let her sleep better at night:)