We’re not good with rules.  You know the ones like: Only tall girls should wear skinny jeans. No white after Labor Day. Never wear navy and black.

So, it should come as no surprise we almost never use a recipe when we cook. They are rules, right?

As we head into summer with the promise of plentiful fresh herbs from the garden and affordable bunches of greens popping up at roadside markets we’re thinking of all the ways we can incorporate them into our daily meals.

We want you to think about how you can use them without being bound to any hard and fast recipe rule.  So we’re offering up our no-recipe-recipe for pesto. (Yeah, it’s an oxymoron)

No Recipe Pesto

A bunch of fresh herbs.

Extra Virgin Olive oil.

A big handful of nuts.

A clove of garlic.

Freshly grated Parmesan (or other hard) cheese.

Kosher salt.

Lots of freshly ground pepper.

A Cuisinart or blender.

Wash and dry the herbs thoroughly.  Put the garlic, herbs and nuts into the food processor. Pulse a few times or roughly grind the mixture in the blender.  Slowly add olive oil through the feed tube in a steady stream (Ok, we’ll give you some help here, if you’ve used a full bunch of herbs and say 1/2 cup of nuts, you’ll be using about 1 cup of oil-but find the consistency you like.)   At this point you can freeze the mixture for later use. A tip: place in freezer trays and defrost individual pesto cubes for use.

Right before serving mix in cheese.

Vague, to be sure, but think of all the ways you can use this guideline: spearmint and hazelnuts; walnuts and basil; arugula and pine nuts. Think of all the things you can spread your pesto on: bruschetta; peppers; pasta; tomatoes and mozzarella; grilled fish or chicken…