Our message is simple: enjoying life doesn’t take oodles of dough. Find pleasure in simple daily living. And, food is one of life’s basic pleasures. Great, yummy ingredients + simple recipes= orgasmically good tastes. Eat healthy. We devote an entire chapter in our book to shopping for and preparing great food. Tomatoes, cabbage, chicken thighs, bluefish (don’t be a brat and crinkle up your nose) all are inexpensive and delicious ingredients that are healthy and easily prepared.

We want your recipes. Send us your smart, healthy and tasty favorite meals that use inexpensive ingredients. Remember, there’s more to a chicken than just the white meat (besides, honey, no new breasts for you this year, you’re on a budget remember?).

We’ll select several to share next week. Post them right in the comment section on the upper right hand of this post.

You can even post a video of you preparing the recipe. That could be fun!