We were just laying on the couch and watching our local evening news.

In the middle of our complete relaxation (you know that droning, white-noise kind of experience the news provides), a statistic caught our attention: 60% of people don’t return unwanted gifts. When interviewed they said the main reason was that they didn’t want to hurt the gift-givers’ feelings. Yeah, right! We think it’s more than likely laziness! No, we’re not casting aspersion on you, fair reader, we’re just looking deep inside and being honest.

We received a DVD as a gift this year… some shoot-em-up we’d already seen. Just went to the mega-bookstore, said, “I got this as a gift, have already seen it, and I have no receipt.” That store’s policy? To give a store credit in the amount of the merchandise. Twenty bucks in our pocket!  (Enough to convert into our book and a latte.)

This may seem tasteless, but it’s reality. Get off your ass and return what you don’t want. If you feel guilty, tell yourself that anyone who loves you wants you to actually enjoy their present—and wants you to live in a home uncluttered with crap.

And remember it’s a kindness to enclose gift receipts with presents. Don’t worry… your exchanges can’t be traced back to the gift-giver! Meaning no one’s ever going to know that you swapped Susan Boyle’s blockbuster CD for (your secret passion) Boyz to Men.

So, if you’ve got something you don’t like or have no use for—bring it back. Don’t wait any longer just do it.  NOW!!