The guest bloggers are back!  Today, we’re happy to have author Gale Steves, Right-Sizing Your Home – How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle, serve up a dose of smart-sense for every space strapped mama on a budget. Read her post and then tell us your best advice for dealing with playroom clutter. One lucky winner gets a copy of her great new book!

No one ever has enough space, and that is as true for your kids as it is for you. Toys, games, clothes, dolls, stuffed animals, school projects, electronics, and more clog up their spaces, no matter how generous the rooms may be.

Think about maximizing the usefulness of the space they already have. This goes beyond clever storage ideas to delve deep into creating a room that is comfortable and efficient for all their activities.

The bed is the main focus of any bedroom. Opt for timeless design rather than the theme of the moment. Kids tend to outgrow everything somewhat quickly – even their furniture – and they tastes change. Will that bunk bed really work for a cool teenager? With careful planning, whatever bed you choose should serve through several stages of childhood.

It is amazing how much stuff little kids collect, and it never seems to stop. Coping with storage is as continual a battle as cleaning up after that toddler or teen. Consider how much space they might need, and then double it!

Here are ten hints to help:

-A daybed over a trundle bed is the perfect solution for sleepovers

-A storage headboard not only saves space but can hold books, games and toys.

-Bedside cabinets rather than tables offer more storage options

-Bedside lamps mounted on the wall means more rooms by bedside

-Bunk or loft bed components offer different combinations for work and sleep.

-Attach bookcases or shelves to wall to avoid potential tip-over

-Under bed storage drawers are a good answer for bulky or out of season clothes.

-Add room to a small bedroom by thinking vertically. Desktop hutch adds storage plus display space.

-Placing a desk under a top nunk instead of another bed creates a private study area.

-Turn an old trunk into a home for sneakers, shoes and boots – call it “boot camp”.

-Bedside lamps mounted on the wall means more rooms by bedside.

Remember: we’re giving away one copy of the book “Right-Sizing Your Home – How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle” in response to this question

What is your best advice for dealing with play room clutter?

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