It’s that time of the year when we’re coming out of hibernation and are itchy to get going. Even though the price of petrol is rising, the price to fly is in the stratosphere, so we’re planning a ROAD TRIP.  Help us plan a route.

To get you in the spirit here’s a snippet from the travel chapter in Bitches on a Budget:

“It’s Not an Endurance Test, So Get the Hell out of Town”

“Take a road trip. What better way to gain control of your destiny? Jobs be damned. Stock market be damned. Housing woes be damned. Screw the lines at the airport and the groping security people.  Get behind the wheel and just go.  With your BlackBerry or iPhone in hand, map your trip, find your lodging, discover places to eat on the fly. Everyone speaks English, and, if you don’t like the scene, pick up and leave.  It’ll amaze you, excite you, add years to your life. Write a journal, blog it. Hell, maybe you’ll sell the movie rights.

Why do all the classic road movies belong to the boys?  Sure, we’ve got Thelma and Louise, but it doesn’t end well, now, does it?  Reimagine the wonder of the open road. Explore your own backyard–but make your own cheesy happy ending!”

Share the story of your favorite road trip. Don’t leave out any of the gory details we want the whole scoop. From the frightful Bates Motel, to the cheesiest amusement park you stumbled upon to the best Taco place this side of the Pacific ocean.

We’ll print the best stories on the website.