We had a flat tire recently. A real blow-out. Alone, stranded on the side of the road, sun setting, no spare in the trunk, we counted our blessings for the AAA card tucked inside our wallet. Saved us an arm and a leg on towing charges. Yes, our hearts melted with gratitude when the tow-driver descended from his vehicle. Speaking of arms and legs… his were the perfect blend of sinew and sculptedness. Picture a cross between Marlon Brando in Streetcar and Michelangelo’s David. We’re talking epic. The nametag on his shirt said DAVE, as if to confirm the resemblance to that 16th-century sculpture. Dark eyes, square jaw, amazing butt…

The tire. This is about the tire.

Got us thinking about AAA. Saves big bucks in the long term, and assures a bitch’s safety out on the open road. (And we’re all about the open road, as you’ll see in our upcoming book.) That said, we’ve discovered it’s not uncommon for people to pay twice for the same service. Yes, you absolutely need a roadside assistance plan. But it’s often the case that your car’s warranty, or your auto insurance policy, include this feature. Double check! We’re all for 2-for-1, but not when you’re paying twice.

So make two quick calls today: your insurance company and car dealer. Drop AAA if you find you’re already covered.

Oh, and it’s worth noting that a true bitch knows how to change a tire herself (and always has a spare in the trunk—we’ve learned our lesson). Since we do love our rescue fantasies,  when on a major highway we stick to the pro’s  (it’s dangerous out in the fast lane)–  besides how else we would get to ogle that sexy driver?

(If you’re reading, Dave honey, I didn’t mean it… You can rescue me whenever you like.)