Do you dread holiday shopping? Does the thought of it conjure up sweaty crowds, feelings of confusion, a headache? It does for us. But, we’ve decided that it doesn’t need to be that way.  All that’s required is a little planning and knowing where to go to find fun things.

Let’s just begin by saying that we know a copy of Bitches on a Budget is a given on your list for all your friends and family. Once you’ve checked that off, we’re here to help guide you to just the right places to find fabulous gifts.

We wrote about Etsy in our book and have heard back that many of you are now using the site to buy and sell fantastic handmade and vintage things. We love the original craftsmanship of some of the items and the recycled nature of other products.

Our only complaint has been that it has been hard to squirrel through all the offerings. Yesterday, we were back on the site browsing and it’s a much easier place to shop. Still it can be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve decided to scout Etsy shops for you and from time to time report back our findings.

Etco is our first recommendation. Their reasonably priced and sophisticated paper bowls and jewelry are well worth a look. We’ve been in the market for a skull necklace forever and have found either cheesy ones for a few dollars or fabulous ones for hundreds. Yesterday, we felt like Goldilocks when we found just the right one for twenty bucks.

(Oops! Don’t tell anyone it’s a present.)

Entertaining and informative, Bitches on a Budget is the perfect holiday present for every woman.  An NAL/Penguin release available at all major bookstores and Amazon.