It makes perfect sense debuting Bitches on a Budget web/blog during Fashion Week in NYC. After all, our book Bitches on a Budget (on sale December 29th) is all about style, glamour, curiosity, whimsy, and good spending sense.  It’s also a story about editing. Yes, editing. In our lexicon, “to edit” is just another way to say “budget.”  Trust us, living well in this time (or any time, for that matter) is all about figuring out what you want, what you need, and how to budget your limited resources to get it.

Long before the glitterati turned fashion shows into party time and PR opportunities, store buyers, (and, yes, the very, very rich) were sitting front and center at the runway examining fashion trends. They still are, but unlike the new media hogs crowding the tents today, the store buyers are working. After the pomp and ceremony ends, buyers return to designers’ showrooms and edit the lines, buying only what they think will work for their customers.

The lesson for today? A modern woman must learn to think like a buyer. She can’t be seduced by gimmicks or tempted into the gluttonous consumption by the leftover relics of the nineties and aught’s uber-rich. She must use all the tools at her disposal to interpret and tailor the trends to fit her look and her budget. Since you’re already reading our blog, we know what clever and savvy bitches you are.

The first step to thinking like a buyer is to educate yourself, so browse around. Check out the links to this week’s shows and begin reading the trends for Spring ’10. Click here for the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion week site. See what Women’s Wear Daily, New York Magazine, Vogue, and The Business of Fashion have to say. Then return the favor and send us your take and tips on what’s coming for Spring.

We love to chat, so tell us what’s hot and what’s not. And by the way, see if you too notice all those skirts and dresses puffing out around the hips. What’s up with that?  Would a thoughtful bitch really design something like that for another? We think not.