At the end of a long day our favorite dinner is a piece of grilled  fish, chicken or steak along with a salad and  a glass of wine. The art of  a delicious meal is as much in selecting great ingredients as it is in the preparation. Fresh and local is our first choice. We buy organic when we can and the price is reasonable.

For us the salad is the best part of the dinner.  We love a simple salad composed of crisp, cold greens tossed with our favorite basic dressing. In the warm months we keep an herb garden and pluck copious amounts of fresh tarragon and chives and add it to our basic green.

We’ve experimented with many kinds of vinegars and our hands down favorite for acidity, sweetness and flavor is aged sherry vinegar. We recommend splurging on the best your pocketbook can afford. It makes a difference.

As for olive oils, make a day of it and do a tasting. So many yummy ones are on the market. Our one sage tip: look for bottles that that tell you when the oil was pressed, buy the ‘freshest’ first press you can. Once grilled we love to drizzle a little EVOO and lemon juice on the fish, chicken or meat and serve with a big helping of salad.

A Simple Salad

1 Head Bibb or Boston Lettuce washed and broken into small pieces

-3 tbslp extra virgin olive oil

-1  tbslp aged sherry vinegar

-1 tsp minced shallots

-1/2 tsp Dijon Mustard

-salt (to taste–we like lots!)


Mix dressing ingredients until emulsified.