Where we live the heat is so brutal that it’s sapped, among other things, our healthy cooking drive.  We’ve consumed gallons of water, laid around on the living room couch panting, and spent even more time than usual complaining. Never mind that it’s given us yet another excuse to put off to tomorrow our serious writing.

Hoping to break our heat-induced ennui, we’ve just mobilized to make fresh squeezed lemonade.  While having tart juicy lemons is the first key ingredient in our drink, equally important is having cold simple syrup to use as a sweetener.  Thankfully, we have a jar already made in our fridge. Otherwise, the lemonade would not be happening – no stove in our house today.  Besides, just squeezing the lemons is a major exertion.

Our experience is that some lemons are tarter or juicier or more flavorful than others. We’ll squeeze four or five and then judiciously add the simple syrup to taste. To finish our drink we add several sprigs of fresh spearmint.

Simple, Simple Syrup

1 cup sugar*

1 cup boiling water

Boil the water add sugar. Stir until dissolved. Cool and refrigerate in a glass jar (up to a month).  Perfect for lemonades/limeades and all mixed drinks.

*corrected from an earlier heat-induced (what else could it be?) mistake.