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Motherhood is a physically exhausting, emotionally demanding, claustrophobia triggering, soul leaching enterprise.

It’s also frickin’ awesome.

Since a modern bitch knows how to accept a paradox, and since psychologists tell us that the work of maturity is learning how to tolerate ambivalence, we want to take a moment to shout out to all those mamas who write about the reality of parenthood, in all its greatness and grimness. You’re providing us free/cheap entertainment, creating communities of refuge, and reminding everyone, parent or not, that guts and humor go a long way in managing this paint-can-shaker known as life.

A few weeks ago we read Ayelet Waldman’s book Bad Mother, a funny and candid account of raising four (!) kids with Michael Chabon. This bitch isn’t afraid to share—she writes with particular honestly about sex (and caused quite a stir a while back for “admitting” she “loved” her husband more than her kids). Go to the library (get on the waiting list; those super organized, OCD librarians will call you when it’s your turn) or wait til the paperback if you’re on a budget, but check it.

For blessedly free entertainment, swing by Dooce, where Heather Armstrong (former Mormon and self-described “shit as ho motherfucker”) dishes about all aspects of life with total frankness and charm. Plus, she’s got great personal style—we dig her “Daily Style” feature.

We’ve recently been turned on to The Letter’s Edge, a Portland, Maine blog authored by Stephanie, whose kick-ass photography and authentic voice and devastating candor will make your day.

Hungry for more?

Chicago-based Mimi Smartypants will kill you with her pitch-perfect sarcasm. This woman gives good vent.

And men can get it on the action, too: at Sweet Juniper, stay-at-home dad Jim documents his Detroit life in hilarious, affecting, often really beautiful writing and photography. Or find filmmaker Dana Glazer’s The Evolution of Dad Project, read his blog, watch his thoughtful films–share this role model of a dad’s work with your spouse.

Have something to say? Tell us. Not gratifying enough? Need a bigger forum? Start your own blog. Why the hell not? It’s free. It’s satisfying. Then send us links to your world.