In Chapter 7, Get Out, Get Entertained: Welcome to the New Good Times, we tease out the difference between comfort and pleasure. We offer up new and old venues (rethought) and activities for you to get out to, so you can enjoy yourself without blowing your wad. After all, there are lots of leagues to play in, whether it’ s in food, art, theater, music or sports.

From Bitches on a Budget:

This is your opportunity to stand up and rethink the activities that you’ve been spending your time on. Money and things can be re-earned and remade, but time is a nonrenewable resource, and only you have control over how you spend yours.


Despite common wisdom, spending money doesn’t bring true, long-lasting pleasure. Yes, we know the rush when you snag a table at that hot new restaurant or score tickets to a sold-out concert.  But how long does that feeling last?…Did you really love the deconstructed, reconstructed, molecularly reengineered food? Did you truly adore the narcissistic spectacle–gyrating hips, fireworks…. of that stadium concert?


It’s time to consider a separation from the jaded majors in favor of playing the field with the sweet farm team. After all, why would you want Alex Rodriguez when you can have a fresh, waiting-to-be-broken-in, pliable, up-and-coming prospect? (Yep, that’s how we like them: up-and-coming.)

Honey, this little economic adjustment may be just what the doctor ordered to get back in touch with the things you love and break the ‘more is more’ and ‘bigger is better’ cycle.

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