With the Olympics in full swing, kids everywhere are tumbling off couches, swamping local pools, running back yard races. How does a mom harness that energy in an affordable, healthy and balanced way?

Just in time for back to school, our newest book (released today, YAY) offers you the sane guidance you need to navigate the world of enrichments, while putting you back in touch with the joys–and benefits–of free play. We have the road map you need to get your kids going in the right direction in everything from art to music to sports to camp to knowing when it’s time to quit.

Smart Mamas’ Guide to Afterschool Activities is filled with tips and resources for programs to look at, questions to ask, and ways to keep them safe. We’ll also help you understand what is driving you to drive them, learn to listen to what they want, and clearly see them for who they are. And, while you can admire those exceptional athletes going for the ‘Gold’, we’re here to help you save your hard earned ‘gold’ and keep your parental balance. After all, what kids really need is to know how to play and how to have fun.

Available from NAL/Penguin as an eSpecial for just $2.99. Kindle edition. Nook edition.