In our book, Bitches on a Budget, we advise a girl needs to be wise when it comes to buying items just because they are on sale. We love a bargain as much as the next gal, but we’ve been burned more than once buying something we really didn’t want. Worse, we’ve been burned buying ‘false’ bargains.

To save the impulse buy, walk away. Yes, it may be half-off, but if it’s not something you’ve been lusting over, or are in need of, walk away.

To save falling prey to a ‘false’ bargain, do your homework before you sign on the dotted line. A few weeks ago we warned you about post-Christmas ‘sales’ with this excerpt from our book:

There’s a difference between seasonal clearance and goods bought to be sold on promotion. When the latter happens, a big slug of goods are bought, marked too high, put on the floor to establish a ‘regular’ price (usually for 4-6 weeks, but this depends on laws state to state). Later they’re marked down to trick all you budget-minded b*tches into thinking you’re getting a bargain.

Be suspicious. If there’s a whole lot of one item on the floor, marked at, say, 20% off regular price, chances are it was jacked up and you’re not getting a bargain.  Be wary of circulars and catalogs ‘promoting’ items—think about it, you’re a smart b, they bought and planned to promote these goods at ‘sale’ prices months in advance.

We want to caution you about buying from online ‘flash’ sales sites. First, make sure the merchandise is from a maker you know and love. Second, take the time to do online price comparisons. We’ve found pumped-up regular ‘retail’ price comparatives–making it seem these retailers are offering you a bigger bargain than they really are. Remember, a girl needs to be wise. Be suspicious. You’re already online, it’s easy to Google the item and confirm the price.