We’ve already talked about which products your partner steals from you—and which you should steal from them. Now we’re here with an updated list of products you should use together. Be smart. Stay in. Save cash. Make your own fun–

Step One: Get Groovin’. Swing by your local independent music store (these guys are suffering, folks) and buy some mellow jazz on an indie label (these guys have never not suffered).  We’ve already turned you on to  Bennie Maupin’s “Early Reflections”.  Now we want to share with you our all-time-fave-forever-sexy-jazz-great,  Chet Baker.  Check out his music and  if that doesn’t get you in the mood, nothing will. See Indie Jazz for other ideas. Press play and move onto–

STEP TWO: Get Dirty. Yes, we do mean dirty. You can spring for pricy love potions, but you’re paying for the sexy marketing. For half the price, we’re fans of  Now, Almond Body Oil, found at any health food store. Then again, a truly frugal bitch will make her own massage oil with canola and essential oils (if you’ve got any good recipes, send ‘em our way). We trust you know what to do with the stuff. Follow with—

STEP THREE: Get clean. Hop in the shower. For a delicious splurge, you won’t regret Weleda’s, Birch Body Scrub, (ahem, leave the thrashing branches behind.) Or for half the price, opt for the oldie, but goodie, Neutrogena Sugar Scrub Body Exfoliator. Or be a real bitch on a budget and make your own: mix equal parts brown sugar and granulated white sugar, squirt in some of your almond oil, and add powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to your liking. A tasty treat —

Send us your home recipes!