We just finished an article about the symptoms of Internet addiction. It shook us up. Could it be we’ve been in denial? Have we been sitting at the computer hiding behind the ‘it’s my work’ line of excuse too long?   We came to a decision: it was time to leave the virtual world for the real world. It was time to get out of the house. It was time to go shopping. And, it didn’t take us long to hone in on these must have items:


Once we sat down to write about them, though, we realized how living in virtual reality has distorted our sense of who we are and who we might want to be. Look, there is no denying that each one of these is to die for cute: the Louboutin Pik Pik shoes are so fab we’re lusting after a pair in each color; the All Saints Spitalfields bag, shirt, and dress are stunning; the H&M animal print shirt so much fun and a bargain to boot (actually, we jumped all over it); the red pants –well, uh, the verdict is still out.

Anyway, our point is if this was the sole directional look of a new wardrobe we were in trouble–a cross between a NJ Bozo and a Real Housewife. Oh! Don’t get us wrong,  we think each one of these pieces is great on it’s own: the print shirt with jeans, the shoes with a black cocktail dress, the bag with a white shirt and black denim. All individually fabulous. All together— scary.

Had we come to view the world with a distorted lens? Had we spent too much time in virtual space consuming a spun reality of spun reality? Nah. But, with Snooki earning more for speaking at Rutgers (why?) than Nobel Prize winners like Toni Morrison,  you can’t blame a gal for being worried.