We never give up. (It can be kind of an annoying habit or a great strength–depends who you ask.) Anyway, we have this vision– the greatest piece of installation art on a Facebook fan page ever!  We like to live without rules, be on the edge, we don’t know of anyone else doing this–besides this is FREE entertainment. Like all great art we’ve given it a cool post modern name: Video Contest: Script #1. Script you ask?  Yes we going to give you two sentences that we want you to start your video with, the idea behind this is that we are a united community of struggling B’s all with the same problem. But each and every one of us although we share the same human struggle of being ‘bitches on a budget’ has their own unique way to look at this and we want to know what it is.

Video yourself (nothing X rated please) and post your videos here (click on the comments section right below the title of this post).  As they come in we’ll re-post them on our fan page . You’ll be able to watch everyones and then we’re going to figure out a way to have everyone vote on their favorite videos. (Still working on it) Here it is start practicing your script:

Hi. My name is _______. I’m a Bitch on a Budget.  Yesterday I went out and bought ________ and today I’m ashamed. Here’s what happened (share your sad tale of buyers remorse):_________________.

[bubblecast id=289806 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375][bubblecast id=289806 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]

Finish your video with: Bitches on a Budget–I need help.

Lights, camera, action.