Aren’t these Starbuck’s cupcakes, pops and other treats cute?

Who wouldn’t be attracted to a smart little petit four at around that time in the afternoon?

Starbucks is stepping out today with a new line of “minis” that they are giving away for free—if you buy a drink, that is. (Wait, is that free or more like a gift with purchase?)

No matter. What we’re wondering about is how is that we see these as minis?

What’s the deal with portion sizing anyway?  Look at this piece from The Center for Science in the Public Interest contrasting recommended USDA serving sizes with the serving sizes that chain food and fast food restaurants sell.

Scary. Right?

It got us to thinking about what our expectations are when it comes to food and portion sizing. How is that we’ve become such a nation of gluttons? How is it that we’ve substituted quantity for quality?

Our favorite restaurant,  the special occasion place that’s too pricy for anything but a birthday or anniversary dinner, is owned by one of the best cooks in the world. For years, we’d go and friends would complain that the portions were small for the money. Huh? The food was local, fresh, fabulous and we always left satisfied—not stuffed, but happily sated.

Is more always better? No. Why do people complain in restaurants when their plates aren’t heaped high?

We believe super-sized servings have distorted our perspective on value–just because something is bigger doesn’t mean it’s better. It’s also distorted our perspective on what is a reasonable amount to eat at any meal.

Maybe now that they have to put the calorie count on their baked goods, Starbuck’s is finally wising up.  But, we want to know why they need to call these new confections “petite” or “mini”, because at roughly 200 calories a pop (sorry) they sound ‘right-sized’ to us.