The other day we told you about the grooming products our men steal from us. This naturally leads to the question: what do we steal from our unsuspecting honeys? Our exhaustive research tells us that, by and large, products for men are significantly cheaper than those for women. And they usually work just as well—or better.

We steal gimmicky “man-tools”—stuff like the Ace Nail File Pick (around $7). It “does everything but play the guitar,” says the Ace/Rubbermaid marketing team. Good for filing, scrubbing, removing grit and grease from under nails and around cuticles—and it’s just for him. What, we don’t get our hands dirty? Please. For women who paint and clean and garden and cook—that is, for any modern bitch—this “manly” tool is worth filching.

For those of you with adorable Mia Farrow-esque pixie haircuts, ditch your pricy pomade and steal his classic Murray’s Hair Pomade. When we say cheap we mean CHEAP. Like, for $3 you get a vintage-y tin, a product that’s long-lasting and easy to manipulate (warm with hair dryer for easier malleability), and, most importantly, the sweet satisfaction of avoiding the financial sinkhole also known as your salon.

And why not pilfer his bristle shaving brush and shaving soap? Lots of guys have these hanging around. Way more satisfying (and green) than those aerosol cans you’ve been using. Elegant, chic, old-fashioned. Plus, nothing feels so good tickling down low and up high as a hot, lathered-up brush. If your sweetheart’s in possession of one of these, give it a whirl. Or gift it to a hard-to-buy-for-hubby when next the occasion arrives (and conveniently steal it when you need a treat). Price ranges from cheap to massive splurge.

Go on, girls: take what you need from your men. We won’t tell.

Coming up (and we do mean “up”) next week: products to use together.