Have you ever been stood up?

We were tonight. It wasn’t the first time and we’re sure it won’t be the last. We really didn’t care too much, except we had planned to go out for dinner and weren’t in the mood to sit in a restaurant solo. (You know, either you’re being annoyed by people you don’t want to annoy you, or no one is annoying you and you’re wondering what is wrong with you.)

The cupboard’s were kind of bare and we were starving. Really starving. And, we we didn’t want to clean up after a big mess.

So, what did we do? Well, for starters we headed over to the wine closet and rummaged around looking for a consolation bottle. Boy, did we find one. Remember our trip last year up to the Anderson Valley and the discovery of those amazing Oppenlander Pinot’s from Phillips Hill? We found one squirreled away in the back.

We poured a glass. It made us happy to be on our own.

Next we grabbed a bag of our favorite Setaro spaghetti and started the water to boil. Rummaging around we found fresh parsley, fresh parmesan cheese, the last slices of speck from La Quercia and a box of organic eggs.

We were in business.

Using a micro-plane we grated approximately 1/2 cup of cheese into a big bowl. We added to this a copious amount of freshly ground black pepper, a generous scraping of freshly grated nutmeg, and two huge handfuls of chopped parsley. In a separate bowl we lightly scrambled one egg.

We cooked the pasta al dente and with a pair of tongs added the cooked pasta (making sure we scooped a little of the pasta water with it) into the bowl with the cheese and parsley. Then we tossed the egg into the steaming pasta, mixed it up thoroughly and put it into a warm serving bowl. We finished the dish with torn pieces of speck, more fresh parsley, pepper, salt and extra cheese.

We were so glad to have been stood up. It was smashingly good.

The reason we’re telling you about this is not to whine about our friend’s bad manners, or to show off our cooking genius, but to tell you that you really don’t need lots of ingredients or a directly portioned recipe to make a killer meal.

A little ingenuity and a great glass of wine will get you far in life.