In the travel chapter of our book, Bitches on a Budget, we urge you to get your sense of adventure on and go to China.  Trust us, there are few places we know where a bitch on a budget can get more bang for her travel buck.

Think about it. Five thousand years of unrivaled discovery and sophistication are roaring back after a measly few-hundred-year stall. Hell, we’re a little hiccup in history by comparison. Get over there and see it happening. See the contrasts between Old and New, East and West.

We speak Chinese and have been visiting China for years. In all honesty, we would have been screwed in the early days of our travels had we not spoken the language. That  is no longer the case. No matter what your language, China is now accessible. We’re sharing a short piece from our latest trip:

An Excerpt From the China Travel Journal:

There’s something for everyone in Shanghai. Shopping, food, history, art—and millions and millions and millions of people, whom you should join in promenading on the banks of the river. You’ll find no greater spectacle—East-meets-West-meets-past-meets-future—than a nighttime stroll by the water with the people of this extraordinary city.

On one side of the Huangpo River in Shanghai, imagine Fritz Lange’s 1927 film Metropolis, a vision of the future city with stunning skyscrapers, odd shapes and fantastic looks, on steroids. Think a little more than a decade ago this was just a rice paddy.  On the other side of this deep, muddy and winding waterway imagine an elegant pre-war European style boulevard with stately architecture reflecting Romanesque, Gothic, Beaux Art and stunning Art Deco buildings magnificently preserved.   Hard to believe that this boulevard known as “the Bund” a little over 100 years ago was a settlement governed by European powers on Sovereign Chinese soil. Harder still to believe, that unlike so much in China, this was spared the ravages of the Cultural Revolutions (xie xie Zhou En Lai).