A bitch gives back. Yes, even in this economy…and, yes, even if she’s on a budget.

Remember that old boyfriend who kept insisting it’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean? He was right (sort of, uh-we’ll save this discussion for another day).  When it comes to charity, it’s the motion—the act—the generous gesture—the habit– that matters way more than size.

Giving back has become part of the fabric of how we live and we go out of our way to buy products and use services that not only share our views but support causes we care about in the process.

For those of you who have been following us from the beginning you know we have a sweet spot for Baking for Good. We’ve taken to ordering their delicious treats for friends and family instead of sending flowers.  Based on the idea of a bake sale, Baking for Good sells all-natural, made-to-order brownies, cookies, and other treats, and 15% of every purchase goes to a charity you choose.  That’s right, bitches, you can send cranberry-orange shortbread to Aunt Marie and support the ASPCA in honor of all her cats, or order chocolate crackles for your nephew Johnny’s birthday and support First Book.  Yes, this can be a little pricey for us B’s on a budget, but it’s like giving several gifts at once; you get to give to charity, to a friend and to yourself. You save precious time because it sooo easy. (Face it that’s why you sent flowers and yummy treats sure beat sending limp, overpriced, you’re never sure they’ve been delivered bouquets.)

Then there’s Bidding for Good, a totally genius organization that let’s you buy and sell virtuously- virtually. In the words of their CEO John Carson, “By aggregating thousands of silent auctions online we can both help schools and charities make more money (sometimes a lot more money) while giving consumers a place where they can find unique items, get some great deals, all while knowing that almost all of their spending is going to help schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, arts organizations, etc.”  We’ve found baseball tickets, travel deals, Sunday brunch bargains; it’s one stop-auction bidding at your fingertips. Check ‘em out; it’s worth the click!

Philanthropy, girls, it’s in the air. Figure out what works for you…big or little…give money or time or stuff.

Tell us: how do you give?