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A Mama B Gripe

We wish to issue a complaint. We’ve got nothing against Babies ‘R’ Us.  Yes, we’re a bit overwhelmed by the whole idea of a ‘baby superstore’—which makes you think you need waaaay more than you actually need. Don’t get us started on the whole baby bathtub racket. Or changing tables? Useless piece of furniture! Use...

The Smart Mama Mission Statement (a work in progress)

We will call what we’re doing work. Even if the world doesn’t acknowledge it, we will: motherhood is the hardest work in the world. It’s physically demanding, psychologically strenuous, spiritually complex, and unpaying. We refuse to accept the whole “I-don’t-work-I-stay-home-with-the-kid” thing. We’ve held lots of jobs, and not one has been more intense

Sorry, Toys R Us-Smart B Us Mamas

All the Mama B’s on your street are buying the same toys. Why not organize a swap? A toy library?