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We’re not sure if it’s the red lenses or the Holly Golightly’esque  frames, but we can’t stop thinking about these Oliver People’s shades at Barney’s. Different women have different g-spots when it comes to objects of desire: shoes;  handbags; sunglasses– all of the above. We’re curious: What is your g- spot (no, not that kind,...

Thrift, Virtue and Splurging

When Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace prize it piqued our interest.  While we’re optimists by nature, we found ourselves a little worried. You know when a story climaxes too soon, the end result isn’t very satisfying. And we have very high hopes for the big O.  While we were debating the merits of the award,...

Storm Surge Splurge for Two

A storm surge splurge for you and your honey if ever we’ve seen one! This umbrella built for two is on our must have list when it comes out!  At $39.95 it falls into our small splurge category. Available from Hammacher Schlemmer on 4/30/2010.