B’s Give Back

We write in our book about volunteering: If this time has taught you nothing else, it should teach you that life spins and turns on a dime; we are separated by only an accident of time and space, and the person on the receiving end of your help could just as easily be you.”

While Saturday is the day we feature a member of our community and how she gives back, we just received this story and decided to not wait until tomorrow. There is so much in our world that demands and commands our attention–a baby crying, a husband whining, oil spilling in the Gulf, Greece defaulting,┬ábombs in Times Square, — that the devastation from flooding in Tennessee seems to have gotten lost.


I keep your book on my bed-side table. I love it! I’ve been thinking about budgeting, limited resources, etc. quite a bit this week. I was extremely fortunate to come out of this weekend’s flood with absolutely no damage at all, but there are those in Middle Tennessee and parts of West Tennessee who lost nearly everything. (Do a you-tube search for Nashville Flood and you’ll see what I mean). I volunteered at a disaster assistance center for the first time today, and it made my heart hurt to hear how much people had lost. It’s only going to get worse as the water recedes and we see exactly how much damage was done.

Could you give us TN people a mention on your site?

People’s true character comes out when disaster strikes, and I have to say that the people of Nashville are freaking awesome! Hands-On Nashville has been coordinating volunteer efforts and from what I can tell, the response has been overwhelming. Other volunteer efforts are underway as well. In spite of all that, Tennessee could use some help. If you see fit to mention it on your site, there are many ways people can help. Hands-On Nashville (www.hon.org) has volunteer opportunities. Nashville Red Cross is accepting donations, as is the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee . Second Harvest Food Bank is in need of more food donations as well. These are just the few I know about. I’m sure there are others.

Thank you for your time. Again, I love the book!


Thank you, Jennifer.

Remember Saturday (usually) is B’s Give Back. Please tell us about urgent needs, or simple ones, in your community (or the world), and how you give back.