When given the choice a smart bitch will pick excellent over fair, attractive over unattractive, intelligent over dumb. So when it comes to buying our food we’re always looking for the best quality we can afford. But sometimes we just can’t justify, let alone afford, the added cost of superior over excellent. Well, we were at Costco just last week (wait till our book comes out and you’ll read about our love affair with warehouse clubs) and found they are selling prime meats. So? Well, something like less than 2% of meat in this country is certified by the USDA (for what that’s worth) as prime. Unless you’re a vegan, if you haven’t tried prime you’re missing out big time–the marbling, the tenderness, the sheer deliciousness of prime meat is sonnet worthy.

While it was pricey, it was an absolute stunning bargain for meat of this grade and quality. Don’t you deserve a treat?  $11.99 a pound for the best strip steak we’ve put on the grill makes a trip to Costco a shopping emergency.