The baby-industrial complex wants to suck you dry. Your bundle of joy comes into the world and your savings—poof!—evaporate. Last week in a post titled Dirty Little Secrets we shared three baby products you should not waste your money on. There’s one product we didn’t mention, but many of our readers did (and we totally agree): the baby bathtub.

SKIP IT. Just one more hunk of plastic that’ll end up in the junk heap. Once your babe can sit up (which comes sooner than you can imagine), the regular tub is just fine. In the meantime, use the kitchen sink. Or do what our beloved grandmother did and wash the little peanut in a stockpot. Or, best of all, take your sweet pea into the tub with you!

A word of warning:

A friend of ours took her newborn into the bath. She sunk into the warm water, carefully cuddling the infant on her chest. Both naked, the warm water caressing their skin, baby cooing, she suddenly felt as calm and peaceful as she had in ages…. a real Calgon-take-me-away moment.

Do you see what’s coming?

She didn’t.

One word. Four letters. Here’s a clue: stars with P. Ends with P. Two O’s in between.

Yes, this blissful mother-baby bathtub scene was ruined forever when baby’s bowels did, well, what baby’s bowels do. Trust us, she didn’t feel so calm anymore.

Our point? Avoid the plastic tub, and do a favor to your bankbook and the environment. But do buy a pack of newborn swim diapers.

These diapers are specially made so they don’t swell up with water. Better yet, be an eco-minded bitch and opt for reusable cloth swim diapers.

Yes, bathing together can be a powerful, sweet way to bond. Just do it right—otherwise you’ll have a real dirty little secret to clean up.