It’s about time.

This morning we went to J Crew to return an impulse purchase from yesterday.  In fact, getting it together to make amends in such a timely manner and dispose of this mistake made us feel proud. We avoided the ‘meaning to return it’ predicament that can get a gal into trouble. You know the problem: you mean to get to the store and you mean to get to the store, but you’re always so busy that taking the time to go back just doesn’t happen. The shirt or shoes or scarf end up in the bag in the back of your closet. You feel shame when you eventually give the item away with tags still attached.

But we digress.

As we were waiting to make the return, we noticed a stack of really cute Timex watches.  True, we don’t need a new watch but we’ve been wanting a man-sized-round-faced watch with big easy to read numbers.

And, hey, we did deserve some reward for avoiding return FAIL. These were perfect and we assumed not too pricy. Hello, they were Timex. Then we turned the box over and saw the $150 dollar price tag. Even though the watch was pretty sweet, style-wise, there was NO WAY we could rationalize using our return-good-doobie-credit to buy it.

J Crew Timex

Still, we were excited and inspired. Of course, a Timex mens watch would be just the ticket to requite our watch-lust. We returned home, got to work and found these simple cool Timex watches for under $30 bucks on Amazon.


P.S. Just in case you’re not in the market for a watch, as we were leaving J Crew, we spied this to-die- for velvet jacket in dark plum. (It looks even better in person.)  This time we did not make a hasty purchase and followed our own advice: search and lust, wait and purchase. Although, when it goes on sale we’re so in.