If you’re like us, squirreled away in the back of your junk drawer are old gift cards. Maybe you got a Burger King gift card from the office secret Santa, but you’re a health food fanatic and that stuff is never crossing your lips. Or you’ve traded the gas-guzzler for a bicycle and have leftover ARCO or BP or other gas cards. Convert these unused ‘assets’ into hard cash on Giftah.

Never heard of Giftah? It’s a clever site, buying and selling unused gift cards. From Bloomingdale’s to Walmart, CVS to Walgreens, Nike to the NFL Store, Giftah trades cards across hundreds of product categories and services.

Say you’ve got a $25 dollar card to Petsmart, but your 18-year-old Chihuahua is now in pet heaven, Giftah will give you 82% (as of this writing) of the face value of the card. This translates into $20.50 cash money in your pocket. Wait. Before you get too excited, you’ll need to shell out some time and money to send the card to Giftah by registered mail. But, if it’s just sitting there gathering dust, be smart, grab the cash.

We think Giftah is a smart way to repurpose cards you’ll never use, but if you’ve got a card to a store or service that you will likely buy from don’t take the discount on the face value.

Now that you’ve dug all those old cards out –it’s the perfect time to use them!  (Your welcome.)