We’re savers. There’s not much we can let go of, yes, we’ve been known to hold on to a grudge or two, but that’s not the kind of saving we’re talking about . No, we’re thinking about holding on to things like plastic produce bags, cute little spice jars, and old cast iron skillets. We use the bags to clean up after our puppy, the newspapers to clean windows, the spice jars for odds and ends and the cast iron skillet as a meat pounder.

We haven’t run a contest in a long time and today seemed the perfect day to start one.  We’ll go for one week and the lucky winner will win her very own copy of Bitches on a Budget and special mention on our Facebook page. Just think, you will get to have your idea named in your honor and used by countless thousands. Not exciting enough? Ok, we did tell you you get a free book, too.

Tell us how you re-purpose ordinary products to extraordinary effects? What ‘off-brand’ uses do you find for the stuff in your cabinets? What gadgets work well for multiple tasks? What magic cleaner have you invented with vinegar and lemon?

(While we’re all for creativity, please no active ingredient chemical/prescription thingy’s that may do more harm than good–you know, like birth control pills ground with mortar and pestle, mixed with shave cream, and used as an insect repellent.)

Click comments above to leave your reply. Don’t forget, the most creative, economical, savvy answer wins a book and the tip named in her honor and published for our 67,000 fans! Last day to post August 10.

(Oh! We’re experimenting with a new commenting system, so if there is a glitch when you try posting, don’t get nervous, just let us know and we’ll put the other one back to work.)