It’s the perfect summer weekend where we live and we’re heading out to the docks to pick up fish from one of the day boat fishermen. Usually, we can score a whole fish for five bucks. We’ll stuff it with herbs and throw it on the grill! Then off to the local farm to pick up early season vegetables to augment the salad we’ll gather from the garden.

As yummy as it all sounds, what we can hardly wait for is our Ciroc vodka martini. Unlike the usual distilled grain or potato vodkas, Ciroc is made in France from  grapes. In fact, the primary grape used in production (the Ugni Blanc) is the same grape variety used in Cognac. This vodka is subtle, smooth and distinct.

Remember our mantra: save to splurge. While Ciroc is in the same price range as other ‘designer’ vodkas, it is pricier than the old Smirnoff standby. But , hey, we’re saving so much on our fresh fish and home grown salad, we’re feeling pretty relaxed.  And, we haven’t even begun drinking!