A bitch gets around… town, that is.

Chapter 6 (A Bitch on Wheels Knows Her Limits) is devoted to the good, the bad, and the ugly of transportation. It’s all about managing your expenses (and mastering your look) when it comes to car-buying, carpooling, public transport, and two-wheelers. How to be green without giving up convenience? What kind of bike should you invest in? Can car-sharing work for you?

Here’s a taste from our book:

The first rule of car buying is to remember that you are a woman. Your car is not an anatomical extension of your body. You do not have a … and therefore have no need to proclaim to the world that yours is the biggest!….The second rule of car buying is to beat the assholes at their own game. You know the ones we’re talking about – the guys using more hair product than you, who talk directly to your breasts as they ask when your husband or father will be joining you. Don’t they know that women pay the bills and influence the majority of car buying decisions?

* * *

And for the wild ones among you, we’ve got info about hogs and Vespas. Vroom vroom, bitches—see you in the fast lane.

Bitches on a Budget is published by the New American Library division of Penguin Books.