We’re wild for the Daily Beast–let us count the ways. Even before they found us, they were our favorite online aggregator and generator of news. We are obsessive newspaper and magazine readers, and while we still have several papers delivered (how else to get our hands dirty in the morning?), the internet has become our main source for news and information. Not only are we saving money by cancelling all those magazine subscriptions, but the media business is adapting and the best content is moving online. We trust in the NY Times and Pro Publica, but the question of credible internet sources should be the biggest concern of every thinking bitch. Tina Brown’s Daily Beast is credible, smart, and fun. And of course we like to keep up with new movie releases, hot books, style, and the latest celebrity gossip. The Beast answers here too.

Our final reason we love The Daily Beast is  Tina Brown’s comment at the end of her piece about Vogue editor Anna Wintour:

“I guess you get called a bitch when you get things done.”