You know you’re onto a good product when your boyfriend/husband/ball-n-chain secretly uses it. Oh, they’ll deny it, but it’s true: OUR MEN USE OUR PRODUCTS. We bitches know all, and we’re here to report the grooming products most stolen by our men.

Before we spill the beans, it’s worth noting that the men in question, while fashion conscious to some degree, are decidedly not the metrosexual type. Nope, we’re not talking dudes who get facials and weekly manicures and know Turkish from Egyptian cotton. Still, we’ve done an unscientific poll and have found them using the following:

MAC Brow Set. And why not? It’s a ‘cheapish’, effective, simple product, awesome for keeping unruly brows in place. (And unlike most stuff on the market, the drugstore version just isn’t as good.) Before we discovered this we’d overpluck or overwax, since that seemed the only way to tame our dramatic brows. MAC eyebrow gel keeps ‘em tidy—and it does so invisibly, making it particularly ideal for men. Yes, it’s true, we found our guy using this on the sly to control his handsome, dramatic, but, uh, rather sun-visorish brow. Got a man who’s fighting a private battle with his twin caterpillars? Offer him this weapon and that battle is won.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve. The classic in the vintage-y tin. Recently a friend kissed her manly-man goodnight and tasted a hint of this luscious rose, cotton-candy, baby-oil-esque amalgam. “Have you been using my Rosebud Salve?” He shrugged sheepishly, and she understood why his lips had recently become so soft. Want to tenderize your prince’s pout? Offer him a dab at bedtime. Though we can’t help but wonder—is it a form of narcissism, taking such pleasure in kissing lips that taste so much like our lips? Well, nevermind. Keep it by the bedside. It’s cheap and sweet, just how we like it.

Benefit Benetint. OK, funny story here. Another friend noticed her man emerging from the bathroom with the nicest, most natural-looking flushed cheeks. Ah yes, that rosy, in-from-the-cold, I’m-so-well-rested look. This was a Monday morning in February, the height of haggard pale. She complimented him and, lo and behold, watched him turn a deeper shade of red—turns out he used her Benetint! He confessed all, stammering that he was “just curious.” Fine with us, if it imparts such a natural, flattering stain. If you haven’t tried it yet, swing by the Benefit counter. A splurge, but a bottle lasts a long time (if he doesn’t get his hands on it, that is).

You know you’re onto something good if your man can’t keep his paws off it.

What products do your partners steal? Let us know! Write to us!