Well, we planned to post the winner of the cocktail contest even earlier today. However, judging the entries took quite a toll on us, as you can imagine. (Anyone have a good hangover cure?) Lots of tasty, surprising, dangerous concoctions. Thanks, Bitches!

Our winner? The most dangerous of all—sent in by Aurora  Moore.

We Call This A Shark Bite:
One Part Malibu
One Part Pineapple Juice
One Part 99 Bananas
Splash of Grenadine

Mix the juice and liquors together and pour over ice. Splash a teeny bit of Grenadine into the drink and let it drip slowly to the bottom of the glass like blood in water.
It is called a shark bite because if you drink too many it “bites you in the ass” sooner than later ; )

Even though we got bit, we’re definitely looking forward to going back in the water.

Thanks, Aurora! And thanks to all our mixologists. Remember to be safe if you try any of these tonight!